Online Computer Sales – The Fall

computers_fall.jpgAlthough until now the internet seemed to be a good resource for buying electronics
hardware and software, a recent study shows that last year they were surpassed by other
kinds of merchandise: clothes and accessories.

An article on shows how online computer sales have dropped down getting for the first time on the second place. It appears that all computer users spent more money on clothing and footwear due to the newly created websites (e.g. who promote their merchandise through enhanced images, good offers and free shipping.

Therefore online sales of apparel, accessories and footwear seem to stand on the first place with $18.3 billion last year and are supposed to hit $22.1 billion this year. They are followed by the ex-long leader, computer hardware and software with $17.2 billion and
sales of autos and auto parts that reached $16.7 billion.

The statistics were based on responses from 170 online retailers as well as an analysis of industry data.

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