Online Computer Sales – The Fall

May 20th, 2007

computers_fall.jpgAlthough until now the internet seemed to be a good resource for buying electronics
hardware and software, a recent study shows that last year they were surpassed by other
kinds of merchandise: clothes and accessories.

An article on shows how online computer sales have dropped down getting for the first time on the second place. It appears that all computer users spent more money on clothing and footwear due to the newly created websites (e.g. who promote their merchandise through enhanced images, good offers and free shipping.

Therefore online sales of apparel, accessories and footwear seem to stand on the first place with $18.3 billion last year and are supposed to hit $22.1 billion this year. They are followed by the ex-long leader, computer hardware and software with $17.2 billion and
sales of autos and auto parts that reached $16.7 billion.

The statistics were based on responses from 170 online retailers as well as an analysis of industry data.

More on Computer Sales Drop Down: Online computer sales No. 2 for the first time

Bye Bye Yahoo Photos

May 4th, 2007

yahoophotos.jpgYahoo Photos will be closed down soon in favor of the more social Flickr, a service acquired by Yahoo in 2005. This will be announced tomorrow and the actual closure will be some time in the next few months.

Yahoo Photos users that will wish to transfer the photos to Flickr will have the opportunity to do this easily. You will also be able to export to a number of popular photo hosting websites like PhotoBucket or Snapfish.

Although Flickr hosts 3 times less pictures than Yahoo Photos at this time, it’s rapidly growing and already reached the Yahoo Photos traffic.

Flickr will probably start hosting videos also soon. Too bad, the Flickr brand was all about photography, not just another YouTube wannabe.

Original story on TechCrunch

How to really erase a HDD

May 3rd, 2007

ZDnet Blogs has a interesting article on hard drive information erasing that will get past even *recovery* applications. Hint: Recycle Bin won’t do it for you.

Unless you work for the government, in a pretty high position, i don’t think you should be afraid if you haven’t been doing this until now.

Top 100 Most Influential People in IT

April 30th, 2007

eWeek has a interesting slideshow of the most influential people in IT, many of which will be familiar to you all.

I won’t spoil anything from the list so just check it out because it has it’s share of surprises.

Check it!

7 Awesome Things Built on the Digg API

April 29th, 2007

You all know digg, the social bookmarking website. Well, it has only been a week since they launched their own API and there are already some note-worthy applications and ideas released onto the interwebs.

Here’s a list of Mashable’s favourite 7. Definately need to check that out.


Wine 0.9.36 released

April 28th, 2007

You know Wine, the ever-popular implementation of Windows for Unix. They just got version 0.9.36 out.

A selection of the more interesting changes in the version:

What’s new in this release:
– Midi support in the CoreAudio driver.
– Mixer support in the Alsa driver.
– A lot of MSI fixes.
– Implementation for most D3DRM functions.
– The usual assortment of Direct3D fixes.
– Lots of bug fixes.

Hit WineHQ for the complete changelog and extra information.

A mouse mouse

April 27th, 2007

Title sounds wrong for you ? Well, it should. Instructables has a pretty sick how-to made by canida  for a  real mouse ( as in rat ) mouse. It was gutted and filled with the parts of a small laptop mouse. Site has pictures and video of mouse in action.


Researchers Break Internet Speed Records

April 26th, 2007

Operators of the high-speed Internet2 network announced Tuesday that the researchers on Dec. 30 sent data at 7.67 gigabits per second, using standard communications protocols. The next day, using modified protocols, the team broke the record again by sending data over the same 20,000-mile path at 9.08 Gbps.

Read the press release here

Slice in CSS with this 9 page full-featured guide!

April 25th, 2007

A concise, 9 page full-featured guide for anybody who is interested in becoming a CSS web designer,CSS Slicing Guide teaches you how to take a layout straight out of Photoshop, or infact any graphics program, and turn it into fully standards compliant XHTML and CSS with superfast loadtimes.

Check it out!

Icon search engine for webdesigners

April 25th, 2007

iconfinder is a search engine that crawls the internet for… you guessed it, icons. It’s a great tool for web designers, allowing you to quickly search through 17.238 icons.